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Creating brands with purpose, passion & personality.

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An independent designer and art director: Laura is an experienced brand and packaging specialist with a passion for brand creation and direction.

Laura focuses on creating magic with start-ups and fledgling brands; especially with those who aren't afraid to think differently.

Based in Sheffield however currently working with progressive businesses and entrepreneurs, who 'say-no-to-brand-bland,' in the US, Asia and Europe.
Laura has worked with many visionary founders on brand and packaging briefs; to turn seedling ideas into launch-ready businesses.

Please enquire if you’re looking for:

A boutique studio experience, with a focus on strategic brand creation and design

A creative (beyond a designer) who will help you to uncover your big why and challenge or define your market position

A business minded action-taker who will work alongside your business goals


The portfolio is currently under thoughtful curation.

You can also head to instagram for behind the scenes, stories and snippets of recent work, alternatively; view the journal.