Snow Day: Tulip Watercolour


In my 2018 Vision post, I promised to maintain my watercolouring activities into the New Year (I promised many things) So, now it's March, month 3 year of 2018 and I have done it. I am a successful resolution keeper.

Due to the unfortunate, shit snowy weather, I was trapped inside for a solid day on Thursday...PERFECT timing to crack out those paints whilst catching up on Survival of the Fittest.. and paint something distinctly not snowy. I FEAR I have turned Grandma, and have gone CHINTZ OTT. but whatever, lets not judge.

I'm not sure how relevant this kind of post is to my cool followers, but I listened to a great YouTube the other day by Seth Godin who said that actually, it doesn't even matter if no-body reads... the fact is your mind has churned away something extra extra today, and it's likely something that no-one has done SO. hallelujah, there is a purpose after all.


This may be an abso shock-fest, so apologies for my clear lack of Tulip knowledge... but I DID NOT realise that they open and close during the day with the light?! WHAT? magic clever flowers!

You do know you should talk to your plants don't you? They're dead after all, so they can 100% hear you. Makes them happy.

SO, what to do with my new bit of painting? I figured this stuff needs to get on Pinterest, ASAP.  Fellow plant-loving-talking-grandmas are gonna lap this stuff up! 

I kid, but really, this is what my blog was for originally. To capture those extra side mashings that otherwise would just get lost in the pit of the instagram algorithm. (which btw, ruins my life. Why am I such a slave to the gram?)


Just in case ya'll wanted to see x1000 versions of the tulips in pattern format, then it's your lucky day! In all honestly, I was just playing about and kinda thought the RGB blue above just took it away from, back to Cool City. Could be wrong, but here it is.. I'll let Pinterest decide.