A spring clean for Said + Seen



It seems like two minutes ago since I embarked on creating a space to call my ‘design blog..’

(It was only last November) and it took me abso ages to get it looking how I wanted it, but even then I wasn’t quite happy. Am I ever? Pefectionist over here👋🏼 (More to come on that subject later..) 

So, new year, new blog! I felt the last was too convoluted, busy and difficult to update, so have instead opted for a very simple scrolling blog… I just want it to be easy to read, easy to update and super clear! Away with the sections, the links and away with the banners!

Old ways won’t open new doors, amiright?
— me.

I do love a typewriter typeface, and just think it’s more ‘me.’ I’ve never been a full serif kinda gal, (although I do enjoy them) I’m more into a cut and stick, recycled stock affair. A bit rough round the edges you know. The kinda blog that only washes it’s hair twice a week.


I love a mixture of vintage furniture mixed with the new stuff - I’m planning on rejigging one of the spare rooms at home to finally get a proper office for myself (it’s only taken year to get it going) I do intend to curate a Mad Men space for myself… I’ve already commandeered 'Luke’s' spare room, I’ve been monitoring the light situation and I can say it’s far superior to bedroom 3.


Of course I put together a mood board (is it even a moodboard? what is it?) A 3D scrapbook? Of colours and type experiments using charcoal and various pens to get that home-grown organic feel I was going for. Less diamonds, more dust.

But still sparkly as ever right?