Lady Luck Hotel : Miami



Forever coming across envy-inducing hotels and holiday hang outs on instagram, collectively we thought “let’s brand a hotel!” 

We all love seeing the world and we all love branding, so the two combined made perfect sense.  We see these projects as an opportunity to exercise our creativity whilst giving ourselves the chance to work on different kinds of projects. The theme follows on nicely form our previous travel themed projects that you can see here, over on our instagram too.




I decided to head to Miami to create a cool casino hangout – far away from the cheesy, crass casino feel. Think pink and green velvet chairs, and palms for days. (If only we extended this project to interior design too!? maybe next time!)

Here you can pop by for a bite plus a drink or twelve… then make your way to the uber classy casino where only the cool kids play. Probably the type that would instagram the branded chocolate bar they found on the pillow and those who would exhale with joy having found a pink gin in the mini bar. (wait, am I talking about myself?) I couldn’t resist including a spot of packaging design in my project, for me packaging can really bring a brand to life and creates a more exciting visual brand story.




The brand name Lady Luck has connotations of dodgy tattoos and the usual ‘luck’ based things.. The phrase sees itself re-positioned as something cool and premium, as well as turning casino life into a female-friendly destination.

Subtle details in the tone of voice are cute and friendly.. this is not a hardcore casino here.. its approachable, contemporary and fashionable.

The pièce de résistance for me is the playing card key fob…although a hand-bag nightmare, how could unlocking your door with this NOT be an experience to saviour? Every detail creates a feeling of magic and urges your curiosity to dare.  Enjoy!

PS. Thank you to Nichlas Andersen for the lush header photo!