Ring making with CAST



When Emily suggested that the Tonik team attend the latest Cast Sheffield event a couple of weeks after I started… the girls squealed “YES PLEASE” in delight  

It was something I’d wanted to do for a while but had never found the perfect opportunity. It seemed like a really good chance to bond over a few wines, some good food and a piece of wax! As a lover of all things hand made (like all of it, knitting, pottery, sewing, flower arranging, sanding, you name it) the whole thing was RIGHT up my street. Upon arriving we were seated in the somewhat industrial setting of the new Upshot Espresso premises by Kelham Island. We were greeted by lovely bare walls (my kinda thing), some chipboard and the wafting aroma of freshly cooked food. We promptly ordered a drink while basking in the atmosphere, eagerly waiting for someone who looked in charge to tell us it was time to start hacking away at the piece of wax tempting us on the table.




Off we went. We were given an introduction into the techniques we could use and the whole process by the lovely experts at Cast, who were also on hand to guide and offer advice on how to achieve what we wanted. I had prepared a Pinterest board in advance (obviously) and assumed I’d just be able to rustle up anything I wanted… WRONG! 4 bits of wax later I was getting there. My technique needed refining. I was too eager. Emily had a misshap with a broken ring (it seems wax can be too thin. who knew?) Meanwhile Philippa and Conal were expertly moulding their chunkier wares with aplomb.





Amongst all this we ate LUSH food, the softest bit of beef I’ve EVER experienced (I was actually attempting meat-free July but just ignored that.)  For dessert we were given a box full of pastries from Upshot Espresso which I intended to take home but ate there instead. At this point we packaged up our waxes into little envelopes and decided on a finish – would it be polish or matt?

Our rings arrived in August in the cutest black envelopes sealed with a pink sticker… CUE photoshoot! We hope you like the results of our efforts! We thoroughly enjoyed the night and would highly recommend it to all.  

Laura EvansCAST