An IG Story

This was previously recorded for instagram stories and IGTV, but for those readers out there, here it is too. The written word feels natural to me so I always like to start here.


I wanted to introduce myself to some of my new followers from the last week or so and also say thank you and thank you to those who are consistently showing up to watch my stories. I do appreciate it and wanted to say that first and foremost. 🙏🏻

So my name is Laura, I’m an independent brand and packaging designer, thinker, maker,  business owner too. This is going to be an introduction and also a run through of how and why I do my thing.

I work with start ups or early stage, 1-2 year old businesses who come to me to turn their ideas into a visual brand. I work with brands and businesses owners that challenge in some way, or are progressive in their thinking or are doing something different. By that I mean their product might be new to the market or perhaps there mindset and positioning of the product or business is really against the grain and challenging what what know.  It might not even be the product thats like this, but the way they talk about, the way they speak with their customer. Generally speaking no brand bland around these parts.


To explain in simple terms, what I do, I came up with the 3Cs:



…is all about asking the right questions. I always make sure that we’re asking the bigger picture why, understating the brand truth, what sets us apart from others, how we speak to our customer and where we need speak to them too. Consider is really about asking and understanding the important foundations before we design anything and really knowing how we’re gonna tell that story,


…is the point at which I then put my designer hat on. So using the information we’ve considered before, I get to work on crafting a visual language to tell that story. This is what is classically known as graphic design.


…is where we take the identity that we’ve crafted and curate a bigger brand world. We all know that a brand is more than a logo, this is when we apply the identity to different touch points, to create that overall brand presence, be it packaging, web design, collateral (i don’t do so much of this right now) It can even be something like thank you cards that you send out with your product, how does that sound, how does that look? And then of course, we have social media, content creation and graphics. Curate is all about how we pull the brand through into the real world.

I am not a cookie cutter designer, I don’t do same shit different day design. I really think about those bigger questions before we get into it. My favourite kinds or projects are packaging projects. Always have been probably always will be, however I work with businesses in different industries as the same principles always apply.

I studied packaging design and got an MA in it and since graduating 6 years ago I’ve worked in brand and packaging design agencies here there and everywhere.

Not every designer is a packaging enthusiast, its quite a niche thing, but for me, what I find really interesting, especially for brands in a retail space, is thinking about we cut through the sea of product on shelf and turn browsers into buyers. We have 2 seconds at the shelf point of purchase, and that dynamic is really interesting. So its not just about making a pretty label; its about making people pick something up and then buy it.

Like I said before, my main game is brands that are challenging or clear, progressive mindset, so we’re not just churning out ‘me toos.’ It doesn’t mean your brand has to SHOUT, but its the way it delivers that message in a way that can cut through the other bullshit. If that means being quietly spoken brand, then that is fine too.