Creating wrapping paper



One of the super things about working at Tonik is the extra projects we do for ourselves every month… we’ve explored a lot in the last 5 months. The final project of 2017 was a little bit different.

I’ve always been into crafts, and used to paint a draw a lot more when I was younger but feel it hasn’t really made it’s way into commercial projects for me. I’ve rarely seen an opportunity, opting for contemporary graphic patterns instead; I find that hand-drawn things can sometimes a bit twee if not used in the right way.




This months project let us spend day creating a design for some wrapping paper, so I took the opportunity to step away from brands and put down the photoshop brushes, instead opting for real paint. 




After painting a selection of leaves and berries, I scanned them in, did a bit of levelling and moved them about to create a sheet of pattern. Here is my pattern printed and wrapped, then photographed with the great Olympus Pen.

Merry Christmas!


Laura EvansLady Luck