I’m 3 months into life as a freelance designer in Sheffield; so thought it time to record my experience so far.

Busy would be the key word.. and surprisingly so!

I never expected to be booked up so quickly, straight off of the bat. I assumed there would be some tough times as a freelance designer; not knowing what’s around the corner. As it turns out; so far I’ve been super busy and I’m booked up until beyond Christmas. Although not many of my freelance clients are in Sheffield, (just the one so far) I’ve found most of my enquiries are international.

This has really made me step back and re-consider the idea of needing to rank highly on google as a Sheffield based freelance designer. This is the done thing amongst agencies who wish to be found on the first search page of google. But, what I’ve found is that Pinterest is my search engine! Something I was always aware of, but it I had no idea how powerful it could really be.

I’ve been privileged enough to have worked with a handful of female founders and startups as a freelance designer. In fact, most of my enquiries come from women! Is this something to do with Pinterest?

Two of the key projects; I’ve yet to publish ‘officially’ but here’s a teaser, with 2 mail box designs.

One, Olive & Olde’s,  a vintage purveyor in Denver. They came to me with their amazing ideas; of which I guided and honed. They even changed their business name through the process! I don’t want to share too much, I’d like to tell the full story when I have finalised the case study. Of course packaging was involved!

The second, ilo women. An organic and biodegradable tampon brand. Its really so much more than just a product led business. ilo hopes to be a go-to place for all things period, with a plethora of workshops, events and articles to educate and empower women across the globe. With this project I was given the opportunity to design so much more than the packaging which was really refreshing.

Over the last couple of weeks; I’ve had a little bit of confusion regarding how I should use my instagram, but, my plan is to continue as I am. Then when I move into a more agency/studio based manifestation, then perhaps I’ll look at organising the content in a more appropriate way. I feel that right now, I’m focusing and investing my time on delivering myself to the world, and documenting myself as an expert and don’t want to lose that by displaying a corporate or agency-like feed.

I have so many ideas and things I would like to do, beyond client work, I still feel like I haven’t quite started yet.. but so far, an amazing start to life as a freelance designer!

ilo women - Starter kit mail box

ilo women - Starter kit mail box

Olive & Olde’s - Mail Box early concept

Olive & Olde’s - Mail Box early concept