Sunday Styling - Niche Tea



My usual Sunday mornings involve getting up, going to the gym, sorting the pets out (one hamster, two budgies) and if there’s something new and nice to photograph - then a flatlay! 

Last week I was taken out with the Aussie mega flu that’s been doing the rounds. Niche Tea were kind enough to send me some packs in the post to help me feel better - a brand I’ve enjoyed looking at since it launched last year. Needless to say it was a super Saturday unwrapping that gift! So far I’ve tried the Cleanse tea, which is a mellow peppermint and ginger and fennel mix.

(Can I also say, check out that beautiful pink styling they have on the homepage!)

Last week I popped into IKEA and saw they had these lush new pink, speckled plates, with low rims (dream) and matching mugs, obviously bought those, ready for a shoot with the Niche Tea. (I was going to link the mugs, but currently not showing online!)

I never knew buying crockery could bring me such joy, nor did I ever realise shuffling things about on the floor near a window would become one of my greatest most favourite new hobbies.

I’d always enjoyed Art Directing at my old job at Robot Food, and was super excited by all of the props at the photography studios I worked at, but getting hands on with the styling was usually left to the professionals.



Here’s my tips for Sunday Styling:

  • Get a linen tablecloth pronto, so versatile for creating a clean background with a bit of texture. Avoid shiny surfaces. Get linen.
  • Natural light always. I always position myself nearest the biggest window I have and wait for the best light - we don’t have it un abundance here so catch it while you can.
  • Upgrade to the Olympus pen 45mm lens - its still a cheapish lens compared to the big SLRs, and gives great depth. You can’t take a bad photo with it!
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