Maude's House : A Halloween special



At Tonik, each month we work on en extra, client-free branding project. The aim being to create more content and additional interesting work outside of the client world. These aren't full-service-strategic-global-megadesign-international-rebrands; they're meant to look good and give our audience something new and exciting to look at every month. 

To align with the seasons and to mark the passing of one of my favourite autumnal holidays, I chose to look at Halloween themed cinema (or theatre) branding! Although not a lover of horror cinema myself, wouldn’t it be amazing if cinemas continued the genre experience beyond the 4 walls of the screen? Although, yes, it does sound pretty niche, I’m imagining something make-believe, filled with all-encompassing experiential fun! Nothing too cheesy though, Halloween and horror graphics can tread a fine line between OK and not ok… with this idea I was thinking less pumpkins and witchcraft (ok maybe a little) but more contemporary lock ups and icons.


Tonik-CinemaBrand-Maude's-Marks copy.jpg


So who is Maude? Maude had a house…imagine one of those classic American properties with a long front lawn, slightly gothic in nature with arched windows and a front porch. Something rather grand, if a little worn around the edges. (You get the idea!)

Maude lived alone and was rumoured to create spectacular concoctions, potions and shows.. Did she have a black cat? Of course.And there it began – Maude’s House. A an old school practitioner of magic and medicine, she opened up her house to the village to show her fantastical displays.




Back to 2017, the cinema of the current day, inspired by the story of the house has flexible brand with an array of icons and marks, creating visual interest that can change and flex depending upon the application. Whilst also alluding to the potion and creation aspect of Maude’s history. A nod to tradition with the serif typefaces, balanced with the bright orange and navy creates something away from the stereotypes. (I do love orange too.)

Simple yet traditional tickets create that extra bit of experience, far away from the standard commercial cinemas we often frequent, whilst hand-drawn elements create that feeling of creation (yes they are Maude’s hands!) Subtle tone of voice in the drinks remind us of the Halloween theme at this time of year!

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