Gløgg 25 : A Christmas special


Tonik Studio’s most recent client-free project got super festive last week (was it too soon? maybe) We rustled up a few designs for some mulled wine, because we really really like to drink it and we really like designing for the hell of it!

Like the overproducer that I am, I decided to create a series of 3 bottles, belonging to the brand of ‘Gløgg 25.’ Gløgg is the Norwegian version of what we know as mulled wine, very similar to Glögg which is the Swedish version. Not going to lie, I chose the nordics equivalent because I liked the line going through the o (just a sec, while I google the official name for this glyph.) But I’m also never content with just doing the normal version of something so, Norwegian-not-mulled wine it is! The addition of '25' hopefully does't need an explanation...


Here’s my bit of Wikipedia knowledge about the lush drink itself…

Throughout advent Gløgg is a frequently consumed ‘stew’ containing wine, spices, VODKA (thats right kids, told you this was a better version) and sometimes raisins and almonds. I’ll pass on the raisins but everything else sounds grand. It turns out, Gløgg parties are quite the thing in that part of the world every weekend in December… (whoda thought?) I think we have a lot to learn from these Nordic countries. Gløgg is served in small glasses - you’ll see that we used two cool looking mug type glasses from Ikea to make our scenes come to life.


As well as designin for mock-ups we wanted to style a moodboard, a work in progress shot and the final bottles in amongst a nice festive setting to give the bottles and brand a bit more realism. It’s not real of course, but we really enjoy this part of a project, and we’re firm believers that you should make work what you want it to be.

I opted for a touch of brushy textures and minimal scandi-party vibes throughout, with a neutral palette of cream and that oh-so-en-trend forest green. 

As well as this I’ve just made up a few extra bits, like a lovely branded recipe book which you *could* buy with your matching bottle as a gift, and some ribbon because all gifts need ribbon so..

Please see the Tonik.Studio journal for the official official write up on this project which will include Philippa's and Emily's too! :) Meanwhile the instagram is speccing a fun advent surprise for the whole of December!

mulled ribbon.jpg