Goodbye Said + Seen


Au Revoir to my old brand name!

Those of you who follow me me on instagram will be fully aware of the name change I have undergone in recent weeks.

It was a decision I didn’t take lightly for sure!

I always intended to hide away from my personal name, instead preferring to live behind an agency or studio name instead.

Said + Seen was a blog name that I created to express the more ‘bloggy’ nature of my initial business idea, a year ago.

Over the year, my proposition and understanding about what my business is and who I am has changed and evolved.

I felt I had outgrown the former name, and it no longer served the purpose or aligned with my service or business goals.

Enter ME! or, (its the URL and insta! praise be, they all match!)

I have taken the decision, in the short term at least, to position myself as a personal brand, with my service based business. For some reason this was something that I was always dead against! Not sure why?! I think I was worried it would feel really small (thats not me) PLUS my name is terribly common.

However, the strength in using my name means I can now be out from behind the shadows; it has pushed me to the front of the business.

I’ve learnt that I don’t want to hide behind an agency anymore.. I want it to be all about … ME! lol JK.

I’m driving the business on personality and using myself as the asset. I think you’ve got to be brave to do that.. and right now I’m feeling braver than ever.

Laura EvansLaura Evans