A quick BTS: Procreate to wrapping paper.



I know I made a wrapping paper print last year too but I quite simply wanted to do it again, no biggie! This time though, I used procreate to create the illustration (I have to say, very quickly) using the 6B pencil.


And of course this time, I recorded the process for some added BTS. I’ve been learning a lot about the power of video content, and how we can use IG Stories differently. I used this wee Christmas project as way of experimenting, using @ryansaycreates’ advice on creating quicker cuts with a 15 second IG story frame too.

Anyone noticed that the longer a story lingers for, our attention is lost? Turns out we need cuts almost every 2 seconds to keep us entertained! I’ve included the small clip above. (NO, it won’t win any film awards, but that wasn’t the point! It’s a quick practice.) It was shot natively on Premier Rush and edited in there too. I’m giving this app a test drive for future video content too (something I want to do more of!)


Back to the paper.

What I used:

  • iPad and Apple Pencil (but but if you want to paint or draw thats possible too! If you’re analogue, then you’ll need a scanner too.)

  • Illustrator to create a pattern (I didn’t bother making it repeat, instead just filled the gaps) You can do this on Photoshop too.

  • An A3 printer (or if you’re fancy and what to do this for realsies, you can get wrapping paper printed for real here.)


I appreciate this requires a lot of designer-esque-equipment so its perhaps this isn’t a tutorial as such, just more an insight into what can be done with a quick procreate session on a Sunday morning. HOWEVER, I have uploaded the pattern for you to download and use as you wish!

Of course, I then styled and shot the finished papers in a mock-present wrapping set up as the cherry on top because that’s what I like to do.  If you use the mittens for anything I’d love to see the results on IG, don’t forget to tag me!


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