As twee as these flowers are, I really enjoy creating them. There’s something about drawing and painting that gives me that quick-creative-win. Being the commercial centric designer that I am, I can’t help but think, what should I do with it now? I can’t just leave it at that.

In another world, I might be happy to leave the wee paintings in a sketchbook. But guys, in the words of Skepta, that’s not me. Even though it takes a bit of courage as a designer to share a creation, (without the agency behind you) I’d much rather do that and be out there doing something, than hiding it away. 

I’ve seen a designer two out there throw something together for 'Mock Up Monday' - in principle I like the idea - another quick-creative-win no? It also means you can scratch the itch, especially if you’re a packagineer like me, where you think in patterns, cutters and words on the daily. 

I am conflicted though. Does rustling something up at the speed of light, somehow reduce the value of our paid creative work? I would never crack something out that quickly, without thought for a client, so why is it ok for a blog post? I would never spend JUST a day on ANYTHING! so what gives?

With this example, I just saw the florals looking sweet on a cosmetics box, with a slide off lid and a minimal curvy logo. There’s no story. There’s no strategy. Lord knows there isn’t even a brief. I just saw it in my head; I wanted to make it. IS THAT BAD?

I see the benefits: its practice in quick decision making, there’s less faffing trying to find the perfect idea, no time for over thinking or setting limits… an opportunity to just DO something and see what happens. Even if it is a bit shit. Even if it’s done before.

I think the simple enjoyment of creating a quick and dirty outcome outweighs the sensibilities of right or wrong…  in the end, if you’re having a good time who cares right?

What do you guys think?

Drop a comment below, I’d love to know.