Styling the Christmas table



This is so so so late to the party, I just don’t know what happened. It seemed like such a good idea at the time; to style my Christmas dinner table! I just didn’t think about sorting through the 5000 photos after the day itself… 

So, here’s a few shots of the table, I love styling bits and pieces and then photographing it. Over the years I’d often wondered whether I missed my calling and should’ve been a stylist instead?!

I was SO tempted to buy a set of copper cutlery just for the pics but I reigned it in, instead opting for a budget approach. Luckily I had a lot of bits lying around already, like those 3 wine glasses (not 4, because.. smash smashy- I had to create some symmetry magic with the mis matched glasses) and I already had those crisp looking flutes as a birthday gift. The pieces of linen I picked up from a trip to Abakhan fabrics in Manchester, the last time I was there. 


We went for a quick (ish) trip to IKEA the Saturday before the big day to pick up a table cloth and cheapest 50p plates they have. They don’t look too shabby no? I already had the cute glass ones with the etched wreath pattern, and I picked up the eucalyptus for my Aldi festive bouquet. The biggest investment was the linen table, coming in at a whole 15quid!

I do think a linen table should be a staple piece in every home (that and a sewing machine) and I’m sure it’ll be used endlessly for more table shenanigans in the future.

What you can’t see on these shots is the decorator's paste table beneath the whole thing - our kitchen can’t currently accommodate a dining table (because whoever was here last laid it out all wrong) … so we improvised by using a wallpaper pasting table. Needs must!

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