A 2018 vision board



I generally don’t do news years resolutions, I think you can make promises to yourself at any time of the year.. January is just another month right? One thing I do want to do however, is encourage more positive visualisation and manifestation, not just for the year ahead but everyday.

One obvious way of doing this is to surround yourself with the ideas and things you wish for. I’m a firm believer in telling the universe what you want, and putting each step towards getting there. I definitely want travel and seeing other parts of the world to feature highly this year and every year. In this quick vision board we have New York, Marrakesh (again) Mykonos, the Muralla Roja and Stockholm (although I should’ve traded this for Copenhagen!) All pretty doable in a year dontcha think? You’ll also see the mega cutez Italian Greyhounds on there - I’m pretty sure they won’t be happening this year but I like to look at them none-the-less.

Other GOALZ include working on a nice neat clean cosmetics brand, acquiring a pink velvet sofa (gotta persuade Luke first) and finding time to do more water-colouring… not bad really!


Promises to myself include:

  • Do less. I’m always dashing about and fitting in as much as possible. I’d like to concentrate my efforts more closely and find more time to STOP.  So if I’m going to spend time on the blog or on some personal project, that’s fine, but I’m going to create boundaries and give myself a time limit, with a free-time reward afterwards. I’m such a workaholic: I should probably read a book on Hygge.
  • Eat less meat. I love a Nandos and a juicy burger, but find myself very much aware of the negative effects that meat has on the planet. The plan is to switch to veggie options as much as possible.  So far I’ve managed a completely meat-free January! 
  • Practice mindfulness. You’re probably noticing a theme! Aligned with the first promise, I really want to get into a solid mindful morning routine to start my day the best way possible. Heading to amazon to buy this book now. 
  • Go to bed earlier. On the back of that, I want to try and get to bed earlier, and wake up earlier! I’m a bit nocturnal so we’ll see how that goes.
  • Read more. This sounds counter-productive (I’m supposed to be doing less right?) BUT I want to PUT THE PHONE DOWN, all the way down and just read. I’m currently reading ‘Think and Grow Rich’ because Luke thought it’d be hilarious to get me it for Christmas!

That’s all folks, let’s see what big ideas February brings!

Laura EvansCAST