36 Days of Type



36 Days of Type is an online project that invites graphic designers and creatives to produce creative outcomes with the alphabet as the brief. Over the 36 days, each letter has it’s own hashtag on instagram, where designers and typographers worldwide share their designs.

Although I haven’t participated for the full month, I wanted to take part if only for one letter - maybe two! I’m going for quality over quantity 👀 

I'm not really about the digital letters, I’m just a bit like, meh, seen that before. I like the ones that have a hand drawn appeal… it just seems more authentic and less “just doing it for the gram.”


Here are a few of my favourites, from the following designers. The images should click through to their instagrams, but here they are if not:

As by @lozalexives

F by @kiviwii

B by @gathering_inc

K by @type.alice

Ks by @lisa.taniguchi

E by @yanaboyko_