Brand and Packaging | Weekend Made


Raquelle and James approached us looking for help with everything, including brand and packaging design and naming for their new hamper brand; a bespoke curated gift giving services to launch in Australia.


Both Raquelle and James work in the wedding photography / videography industry; with this comes a unique perspective on the importance of creating a touching, warm experience for their brides and grooms. The couple mail their photos, albums and memory cards to their brides, taking care to ensure the experience is always elegant; going above and beyond expectation with their product and its packaging.

Based on this, the idea of a hamper gifting brand was born. A brand all about giving something special to a loved one, with warmth and heart at its core. This feeling runs through everything the couple do in their bridal photography; so this brand needed to encapsulate everything they stand for too.


As part of the naming process, we came up 5 names that could be used to position this brand; taking careful note not to rely on the word ‘Hamper’ as per the competitors and standard approach. Weekend Made summarises the couples passion in bringing this side project into fruition; very much a family affair. Its completely one-on-one and personal. Raquelle is to curate and pack each of the custom gift packages herself; a project fuelled with passion at its core. (and most likely at Weekends!)

Through the the brand graphic details, we wanted to hint at the idea of mailing and shipment, whilst remaining clean and contemporary. Subtle hints to postage stamps and ticket ephemera are used throughout the brand and packaging design; included on the stickers and sub-marks.

A handwritten logo-mark keeps things personal; whilst integration of tiny hearts here and there reminds us of our clients warmth and heart; and their backgrounds in the wedding industry.

The box itself features a debossed matte lamination, and custom tissue paper too!


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