Introducing Said + Seen


I'm Laura, a graphic designer from Sheffield, specialising in branding and packaging with a passion for brand styling and art direction.

I've been working in my latest role at Tonik Studio for 5 months, since July of this year.. in that time I've worked on many beautiful, cute, cool and fun branding projects and elevated my instagram game LOTS. I've always wanted to blog but felt like I had somehow missed the boat, or maybe I wouldn't know what to say. Or maybe nobody would care. Turns out I'm creating content left right and centre; daily. If I'm not putting together flatlays at the weekend FOR FUN, or working on our client-free 'personal projects' in my spare time (what spare time though?) I'm thinking of content for our next in-house journal piece. 

With all this activity going on it seems like perfect timing to start recording my thoughts, weekend projects and bits and pieces somewhere other than instagram, for myself first, but also for the world to see.

Sharing is caring amiright?

It took me ages, I mean like ages to come up with a name. After many thesaurus hours and chats I came up with Said and Seen. One of my fave 'Laura phrases,' (there's a few, probably another blog entry right there) is "See it and Say it." By this I mean; honesty is the best's the only way I know. Particularly when it comes to design critique and sharing advice.. there's no point beating around the bush; great design is built on a foundation of collaboration and learning from/with other designers. With this in mind; I thought Said and Seen made absolute sense.

I'm still figuring out my tone of voice here, should I be more professional, or throw in a few emojis? I'll figure that out as we go along. (insert smiley face here, I think.)

I'll be trying to create gripping, beautiful and insightful content, weekly (maybe fortnightly)

Let's go! x


Laura EvansSaid and Seen