A Self Initiated Project

I’ve been brewing this project since September, working on it on and off during stolen minutes. I really wanted to create an identity for a fictitious retreat brand… so I did.


Retreats, wellness and spirituality are hot news right now; they’re part of my life and for that of many millennials too. I wanted to crate a vibe that felt delicate; something I don’t often do, but also felt like me. The bold red on cream does this for me.

I’ve introduced accents of my tone and humour through the wording. (See the tipi door fob - tiptoe carefully beside the wild mushrooms friends!)

The moon plays a major role in this project; likely highlighting my current leaning towards all things lunar, crossing over into business and wellness as one.

Not a strategic project; not goal driven or revenue focussed; but I think possibly a collection of my most recent musings, manifested through what I know best; brand.